Fucking Rebecca Linares

Rebecca Linares is the quintessential porn star. She has perfectly shaped big boobs strapped to a nice, tight body, a perfect ass, a pretty-as-can-be bald pussy, and raven-black hair. How guys manage to keep fucking her beyond the thirty second mark, I have no idea, especially with all those moans of pleasure. If I had the chance to fuck her on film, we’d have to shoot take after take because I would be constantly cumming inside her luscious, pink pussy. And I wouldn’t apologize for it. If she had chosen any other path life, had she been a dentist or teacher, every man who saw her would be thinking, “That chick should be a porn star. She’s built for fucking.”

In this streaming movie, Rebecca Linares is on her back on a massage table while some guy is putting the dick to her. He has her right leg on his left shoulder, and he’s simply fucking away at that hot box, like anyone worth their salt would. He slips out of her snatch once in awhile, and I think it’s intentional. It might look like an accident, but really, that’s his way of pulling out in order to not cum too quickly. I can’t say I blame him. I think he’s a bastard anyway since he gets to bang that busty hottie and I don’t.

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Massage girl Rebecca Linares with happy ending


Massage girl Rebecca Linares is hired for a private session with a happy ending.


This sexy starlet has no trouble using her hands to get him excited and ready to play.


She reaches down to stroke his slippery cock, and lets her big fake boobs pop out.


Rebecca Linares climbs on top to suck some dick and give him a quick titty fuck.


She does all the work, sliding her pussy down his shaft and rocking it back and forth.


Rebecca Linares arches her back and clenches her pussy while he cums hard.

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